The history of Sankei can be traced along an unrelenting focus on product creation.

The history of Sankei can be traced along an unrelenting focus on product creation.

At the time of its establishment, the factory’s main business was plating but following a change in the business direction that metal forming should be included in order to improve quality and yield, the Toda Factory and Hamamatsu Factory were newly constructed in 1960 and 1965 respectively. Pulled along by the dramatic growth in the automobile industry, the Ano Factory in 1955, Gunma Plant in 1984, and the first overseas subsidiary Newman Technology, Inc. in Ohio, US in 1987 three years later, were built subsequently. During that time, the company expanded its businesses one after another, branching into plastics from metals for surface treatment and also acquiring a wide range of technologies and production facilities in the area of metal forming as well, and succeeded in establishing a firm position as a manufacturer of parts for cars and motorcycles.

Currently, the company has 5 factories and 2 development centers in Japan and 10 group companies overseas, achieving a parts supply system and engineering support network at a global level.

Together with changes in the framework of the times, the needs expected of a parts manufacturer are also changing to a large extent. With a pioneering spirit, we will refine the core technologies that we have cultivated so far and strive to create products that meet the needs of the next generation.

Jan 1948
Established as Sankei Plating Kogyo Co., Ltd. in the Kita Ward of Tokyo with a capital of 180,000 yen
Jul 1960
New Toda Factory constructed in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture
Sep 1960
Company name changed to Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Mar 1964
Introduced fully automatic plating equipment made by Udylite in the US in the Akabane Factory; developed the field of triple-nickel plating and succeeded in mass production
Aug 1964
Established Megumi Kogyo Co., Ltd. in Kita Ward in Tokyo (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
May 1965
New Hamamatsu Factory constructed in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Oct 1968
New Isesaki Factory constructed in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Jun 1970
Megumi Kogyo Co., Ltd transferred to Isesaki Factory
Dec 1970
New Ano Factory constructed in Ano City, Mie Prefecture
May 1977
Jiuhkei Industry Co., Ltd established in Kaohsiung, Republic of China (Taiwan) (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Aug 1980
Corrosion-resistant Dacrotized factory added to the Ano Factory
Mar 1983
Plastic molding factory added to the Ano Factory
May 1984
New Gunma Plant constructed in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Sep 1987
Newman Technology, Inc. established in Ohio, US (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Sep 1992
New research and development annex constructed in the Gunma Plant
May 1996
New plastic molding factory constructed in the Gunma Plant
Aug 1997
Machinery factory established in Ano Factory
Sep 1997
Gunma Plant achieved ISO9001 certification
Dec 1997
New coating factory established in Ano Factory
Oct 1999
New engineering factory established in Gunma Plant
Dec 1999
Newman Technology, South Carolina Inc. established in South Carolina, US (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Aug 2003
Sankei Giken India Pvt. Ltd. established in Haryana, India (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Aug 2004
Inherited Isesaki Factory from Megumi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Mar 2005
Holding company Sankei Giken Holdings Co., Ltd. established
Jul 2005
Guangzhou Minhui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. established in Guangzhou City in China
Oct 2008
New research and development facility constructed in Newman Technology Inc.
Mar 2011
PT Sankei Dharma Indonesia established in West Java, Indonesia
Apr 2011
Sankei Giken Changzhou Co., Ltd. established in Changzhou, China
Sep 2011
Wuhan Sankei Minth Automotive Parts Co., Ltd established in Wuhan, China (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Apr 2012
Sankei Pragati Pvt. Ltd. established in Haryana, India
Apr 2012
Newman Technology of Alabama, Inc. established in Alabama, US (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Jun 2012
Relocated to New Sankei Giken Changzhou Co., Ltd factory completed in Changzhou, China (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Sep 2012
Completion of new factory in Akabane
Oct 2012
Equity participation in Fabest Corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Jul 2013
Site office for the establishment of the Sankei Giken Asia Development Center in Bangkok, Thailand, opened
Feb 2014
Established Sankei Summit (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Apr 2015
Completed new factory in Prachinburi Province, Thailand
Feb 2016
Established Newman Technology Mexicana S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico
Nov 2016
Established Newman Technology GmbH in Homburg, Germany
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