06 Surface Treatment

High Qulity Manufacturing 06 Surface Treatment

Our company has pioneered new territory in surface treatment with functional platings and other original technologies.

Since its founding as a plating business, Sankei has continued to build a storehouse of technologies and carry on its know-how in surface treatments. While calling on its unique technologies and production equipment to meet industry needs, the company has also been ambitious in building on its technical wealth to develop new technologies. In recent years, Sankei has attracted attention for its development and applications of new plating technologies.
*Trade mark registered in Japan, U.S.A., China and Korea.

Core Technology

  • i-Coat*
  • Metal Plating
  • Plastic Plating
  • Heat-resistant Metal Painting
  • Metal Painting
  • Plastic Painting
  • Cationic Electrodeposition Painting
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