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Precise & Beautiful Products – The challenge of advanced processing technologies

Traveling cutting of thin-wall piping using a roll-slitter

As one of its high-precision forming technologies, Sankei has adopted a method of roll slitting in which a thin-gauge stainless-steel pipe tube is linked to a precision traveling cutter. The conventional cutting methods for thin-gauge pipe in fabrication are whetstone cutting or press cutting, but with these, after a long piece is cut, the actual required length must be re-cut, generating a material loss. Sankei therefore adopted a precision cutting method within the fabrication process to achieve a 100% material utilization rate. Also, by linking this to the post-fabrication equipment, we further reduced manpower requirements and intermediate inventory, enhancing cost-competitiveness.

  • Traveling cut by roll-slitter

    Traveling cut by roll-slitter

  • Thin-gauge pipe fabrication line

    Thin-gauge pipe fabrication line

  • Typical sizes:Plate thickness (t) : 0.3~0.4mm Outside diameter (φ): 50~90mm
  • Product applications : Storage battery cases, Vacuum bottles,
  • and other products using thin-gauge stainless steel

Advanced roll forming fabrication + laser welding technology

As a means of fabricating thin-wall pipes, Sankei has adopted roll forming and laser welding technologies. As an example, for stainless steel vacuum bottles, spin forming fabrication and expansion-and-contraction forming techniques are used to produce delicate curves and high precision indentations and protrusions. For the base, we implement a special roll forming process to achieve a particularly beautiful design. Also, by using laser welding to join the stainless steel pieces, we succeeded in rounding the drinking aperture into a geometry adopted out of consideration for safety.

  • Vacuum bottle production line

    Vacuum bottle production line

  • High precision spin forming

    High precision spin forming

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