• SANKEI's CORE Strengths 1

    An integrated process,
    from R&D through Design and Manufacturing

  • SANKEI's CORE Strengths 2

    SANKEI's Products
    = ( Metals + Plastics ) × ( Forming + Surface Treatment )

  • SANKEI's Expertise 1

    The challenge of weight reduction

  • SANKEI's Expertise 2

    The challenge of difficult processing technologies

  • SANKEI's Expertise 3

    The challenge of new materials and functionality

  • SANKEI's Expertise 4

    The challenge of diversified, small-lot production

  • Elemental Tech.Ⅰ

    Roll Forming

  • Elemental Tech.Ⅱ


  • Elemental Tech.Ⅲ

    Metal Stamping

  • Elemental Tech.Ⅳ


  • Elemental Tech.Ⅴ

    Plastic Molding

  • Elemental Tech.Ⅵ

    Surface Treatment

As the development of the next-generation automobile accelerates, the performance sought from automotive parts escalates year by year. In response to the themes of weight reduction, increased rigidity, cost reduction, and decreasing environmental burdens, raw materials such as steel and plastic continue to evolve as advances are made in their production technologies. Automotive part manufacturers who are only responsible for a portion of the production process or deal in limited types of raw materials cannot lead in responding to the challenges thrown at them by their customers.
One of the reasons Sankei Giken Kogyo has the support of its customers is because it has the conceptual and technological strength to transcend the constraints of materials and processes, to develop manufacturing techniques from zero, and to produce forms just as desired. Amidst the wrenching changes in the market environment, the seemingly vague needs of customers – "We'd like something like this" or "Can you make such a thing?" – are steadily increasing. Even if the requests are not accompanied by concrete specifications, Sankei can probe for the starting point of such needs, and exhibit its creative and technological strengths in meeting them. From research and development to design and manufacturing, we bring our integrated powers to full force and beyond to give shape to the visions sketched by our customers.

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