The products of Sankei can be broadly divided into 6 categories.

01  Car Exhaust

01 Car Exhaust Products

Car exhaust products are made mainly by machining metals into tubes (roll forming) and welding. Besides parts such as the exhaust manifold connected directly to the engine, converter, muffler etc., we also have an extensive track record in exhaust systems integrating these parts.

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02  Car Rigging

02 Car Rigging Products

Car rigging products are produced using both plastic processing technology and surface treatment technology. A beautiful exterior is produced not only by plating and coating technology. In reality, the accuracy of the plastic processing prior to surface treatment has a huge impact on the finished surface. Recently, we have also succeeded in the development of molded plastic parts that are coatless yet with a high lustre based on our research on resin materials and construction, as well as unique plating products that are transparent to millimetre wave radar and light based on our research on nano-level properties.

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03  Car Body

03 Car Body Products

Car body products such as door sash etc.We produce lightweight and highly rigid products without compromising on design using Sankei’s unique roll forming processes and metal press technology for high tensile steel plates

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04  Motorcycle-Related

04 Motorcycle-Related Products

Sankei’s products are not limited to just products for cars. Using advanced technology for the plastic forming of aluminium materials with a high thermal conductivity and hard yet lightweight titanium, in addition to exhaust systems and frames and handlebars for motorcycles, Sankei also manufactures highly sought-after and beautiful plating products that are often showcased in product catalogs.

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05  Construction Machine-Related

05 Construction Machine-Related Products

Using the technology that we have developed for cars and motorcycles, we have also expanded our business to cover mufflers and power generators in construction machines such as shovel loaders and forklifts etc.

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06  Consumer-Related

06 Consumer-Related Products

In recent years, we have been putting efforts into “consumer-related” products such as vacuum flasks, rice cooker cladding, dish washer cabinet and pipes, medical washbasins etc. These products tend to require a high machining accuracy and support for small-scale production of multiple products.Based on Sankei’s traditions in advanced mold making, excellent craftsmanship skills and knowledge of metal plasticity, we have incorporated these into an efficient production system which can respond flexibly to the diversifying and advanced needs of customers through our advanced production technology that is less labor-intensive.

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