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Producing to Exact Requirements – The challenge of diversified, small-lot production

Bringing craftsmanship technology to medical, cooking, and environmental devices

Sankei is utilizing its core technological strengths in metal forming and plastic molding for products in new fields – environmental, cooking, and medical devices. For example, the flush pipes we make for commercial dishwashers incorporate very thin pipe structures with narrow and complex bends. These processes showcase for our pipe forming, spin forming, and welding technologies. We fabricate dishwasher and endoscopic camera washing tubes in metal stamping presses utilizing our deep-draw process, which requires an advanced level of know-how. If the metal is pressed too quickly, the corners will deform or tear. Experts who know these characteristics in detail are involved from the die design stage, and monitor a multistage press line to carefully produce one piece at a time. A new area of operations for Sankei is coming from applying the technology of craftsmanship.

  • Commercial dishwasher flush pipes

    Commercial dishwasher flush pipes

  • Water purifier

    Water purifier

Work on energy saving, manpower reduction, and visual control

The pursuit of production efficiency is an eternal endeavor. At our Isesaki Factory, we have introduced the latest servo press equipment. These high-performance machines can perform stamping operations that previously were done on multiple process lines, while controlling pressure, stamping speed, and stamping positions in multiple stages. On the other hand, our original automated muffler fabrication line that we developed more than 20 years ago, with roll formers, slitters and an added welding process, is still at the forefront of activity with the improvements and modifications we have added. At our Gunma Factory, we converted plastic part painting lines to clean-room levels, built a remote line control and monitoring system. Production data is automatically backed up on a server, reducing operator burden allowing improved quality control. We are also working on enhancing visual control of other lines at this same factory. On the injection molding line, the production status can be monitored on a large screen display.

  • Muffler heat-resistant painting line

    Muffler heat-resistant painting line

  • Visual control of the injection molding line

    Visual control of the injection molding line

  • Remote monitoring system in the painting line

    Remote monitoring system in the painting line

  • Clean-room conversion of the painting process

    Clean-room conversion of the painting process

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