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Tsuzumi Bottle

We provide exceptional quality products that are lighter and lower in cost. Enhanced safety has also been taken into consideration by incorporating a round shape that is gentle on the mouth. A unique beautiful design formed by the bulge forming technology is used for the body of the bottle and Laser welding is used for the joint in the bottle material.

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Pack & Carry Fireplace

Productivity has been improved by changing the shape of joint parts and adopting the crimping way.

The technique that is applied

Manufactured location

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Washbasin for Commercial Dishwasher

Parts formed by deep drawing of thick stainless steel plates are joined using laser welding. Based on this technique, high precision products with almost no weld distortion can be produced.

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Piping for Commercial Dishwasher

Using technologies for bending hollow double pipes, we created a single pipe to carry both cleaning water and rinsing water from two systems. Special technologies for hydro-forming and multi-terminal processing etc. are used widely in this product.

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Water Purifier

All stainless filters composed of roll forming parts and mechanical filters for use in dust collectors.

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Medical Devices

(Left photo) An endoscope washbasin with no seams that is formed with a stainless steel hydraulic counter press. The corners are easily cleaned, thereby contributing to improved hygiene as well.

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Other Parts

We create products that meet the target cost of customers by combining welding technologies with our own unique, composite metal forming technologies. These have also been adopted in backup heat sources in fuel cells and so on.

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